Roland Lardinois

Research Director, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, Centre de Sciences Humaines, New Delhi

Contact : roland.lardinois[at]


2009 (November): Research Fellow, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre de Sciences Humaines, New Delhi (UMIFRE 20 MAEE-CNRS)

1985-2009: Research Fellow, Centre National de la recherche scientifique, Centre d’études de l’Inde et de l’Asie du Sud, EHESS, Paris

1981-1985 : Research Fellow, French Institute, Pondicherry (India),  Ministry of Foreign Relations and European Affairs (MAEE)

1979-1980: Reader in Demography, University of Picardie (France)

Academic & professional profile

2011: Chair of the workshop The Training of Engineers France-India, Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chennai, French Alliance, 28th April 2001

2011: The Making of Indian Engineers, Indo-French Workshop, New Delhi, 21-22 February 2011

2010: Formation, Qualification, Employment. A quantitative survey of the IT Industry, in collaboration with Vigneswara Illavarasam, IIT-Delhi, to be published by APEC Paris, (work in progress)

2009: Coordinator of the project The Making of the Indian Engineers, CSH, Delhi

1996-2001: Head of the Russo-French project for the edition of Orientalist Correspondence between French and Russian Sanskrit Scholars, Russian Academy of Sciences, CNRS, French Academy, Paris

1977-1978: Expert Demographer, Head of Project, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ouagadougou, Burkina Fasso (ex. Upper Volta)

Recent publications

2010: in collaboration with Georges Weill (eds.), Sylvain Lévi. Le savant et le citoyen. Lettres de Sylvain Lévi à Jean-Richard Bloch et à Jacques Bigard (secrétaire de l’Alliance israélite universelle), Paris, Éditions Honoré Champion

2008: Sylvain Lévi, Génie de l’Inde. Inaugural Lecture at the Collège de France, 16th January 1895, edited and annotated by Roland Lardinois, Paris, Allia Publishers

2007: L’invention de l’Inde. Entre ésotérisme et science, Paris, CNRS Éditions

2007: in collaboration with Lyne Bansat-Boudon (eds.), Sylvain Lévi (1863-1935). Études indiennes, histoire sociale, Bibliothèque de l’École des hautes études, Sciences religieuses, vol. 130, Brepols, Turnhout (Belgique), 2007

2006: in collaboration with Meenakshi Thapan (eds.), Reading Pierre Bourdieu in a Dual Context. Essays from India and France, London, New York, New Delhi, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group


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