R. C. Narayanan

Associate Professor, Center for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay

Contact: ncn[at]iitb.ac.in


2008:  Associate Professor, CTARA, IIT- Bombay (IITB), Powai, Mumbai, India

2006-2008: Executive Director, SaciWATERs and Senior Fellow (CB Project), SaciWATERs, Secunderabad, India

2003-2006 : Assistant Professor, Institute of Rural Management, Anand, India

1997-2002 : Ph D Researcher/Tutor, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands

1987-1996: Geologist, Government of Kerala

Academic & professional profile

2010-2011: Theme Leader of Policy, Law and Governance Group of the Pan-IIT Research Consortium Project to develop the Ganga River Basin Management Plan sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. Of India

2011: Coordinated National Workshop on “Independent Regulatory Authorities and Related Institutional Reforms in the Indian Water Sector” jointly with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and PRAYAS, Pune on April 30, 2011 at IIT Bombay

2010: (with D.R.Kansakar) Evaluated Education Component of Four (South Asian) country Crossing Boundaries Project by SaciWATERs sponsored by the DGIS, Netherland. As part of the project, developed a ‘Training of Trainers’ manual and trained 30 South Asian Engineering Faculty to develop courses on « Integrated Water Resources Management » and «Interdisciplinary Field Research Methods » at Kandy, Sri Lanka and Cox’s Bangladesh in 2010

2009-2010: Project Advisor, Policy Study of “Liquid and Solid Waste Management in Urban Local Bodies” with Centre for Environment and Development funded by the Ministry of Urban Affairs, Govy. Of India

2009: Coordinated the Winter Institute titled, “Linking Nature and People: Energy, Environment and Development” jointly with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Foundation for Ecological Security and Washington University at St. Lois, U.S.A from December 13-24, 2010  at Udaipur, India

Recent publications

2011: (with Sunil Trikhawala), Aid, Technology and Project Dependence : A Case of Institutional Weakening of Water Sector from Sri Lanka- SAWAS (South Asia Water Studies Journal), volume 2, issue 2, pp 60-74. www.sawsjournal.org

2010: Multiple Uses, Conflicts and Challenges to the Integrated Management and Governance of Wetlands: Evidence from the East and West Coasts in India. In  Hoanh, CT, B Szuster, Pheng, A Ismail, and A Noble, Tropical Deltas and Coastal Zones: Food Production,  Communities and Environment at the Land–Water Interface: Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management, No. 9. Oxfordshire: CABI Publications

2009: (et Jean-Philippe Venot), Échelle(s) communes(s) ou échelles multiples  Pour une gouvernance démocratique des ressources naturelles : Les zones humides en Inde. Vertigo, Vol 9,  Numero1, Mai

2008: Where to go from here? State, Natural Resource Conflicts and Challenges to Governance. New Delhi: Academic Foundation

2003: Against the Grain: The Political Ecology of Land Use in a Kerala Region, India. Maastricht: Shaker Publications

Awards & distinctions

2011: Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship to visit Monash University, Melbourne from June 17- July 1, 2011

2002: COS (Centre for International Cooperation) fellowship to study agricultural sustainability in Netherlands (book published as an input to the Johannesberg Conference (Rio+10)

1996: Netherlands Fellowships Programme (NFP) fellowship to undertake PhD research at the ISS, The Hague

1992: CDS Fellowship to undertake MPhil course in Applied Economics of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

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