Charles Gadéa

Professor, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France

Contact: Charles.gadea[at]


2007 (October): Professor (first class) at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France

2005: First class Professor, University of Rouen, France

2001-2007: Professor of Sociology, University of Rouen, France

1992-2001: Senior lecturer (maître de conferences), University of Rouen, France

1990-1992: Research fellow at the Center of Study and Research on the Qualifications (Céreq) Paris, France

1985-1990: Reader in sociology at the University of Toulouse, France

Academic & professional profile

2011: Coordinator of Franco-Russian project on “Professions in law and in the society in Russia and in France”

Since 2008: Co-responsible of the research committee 32  “Knowledge, Occupations and Professional Identities”, International Association of French Speaking Sociologists (AISLF)

2008-2011: Director of the scientific team “Professions, Institutions, Temporalities” (Laboratoire Printemps), University of Versailles and National Scientific Research Center (CNRS), France

2005-2008: Coordinator of research project “Appropriation of knowledge and dynamics of the regulation”, National Agency of Research (ANR), France

2004-2008: President (currently vice-president) of the research committee 52 “Sociology of Professional Groups”, International Sociological Association

Since 2003: Responsible of the thematic research network 1  “Knowledge, Work and Professions”, French Sociological Association (AFS)

Recent publications 

2011: « Социология профессиональных групп во Франции. Историческая перспектива и вопросы современного развития » (The sociology of Professional Groups in France. Elements of historical perspective and questions about its contemporary development), Социологические исследования. Socis, n°4, pp 70-80

2010: in collaboration with Paul Bouffartigue and Sophie Pochic (dirs) Cadres, classes moyennes : vers l’éclatement ? Paris, Editions Armand Colin

2009: in collaboration with Didier Demazière (dirs) La sociologie des groupes professionnels. Paris, La Découverte, coll. Recherches

2009: with Evetts J., Sanchez M., Saez J. « Sociological Theories of the Professions : Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation » in Ann Denis and Devorah Kalekin-Fishman : The ISA Handbook in Contemporary Sociology, London, Sage, pp 140-154

2009: « I quadri in Francia : dalle elite alla banalizzazione ? », Sociologia Del Lavoro, n° 112, 2009, pp 155-166

Awards & distinctions

2010: Scientific excellence bonus (ranked first)

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