Balaji Parthasarathy

ICICI Chair and Associate Professor, International Institute of Information Technology, India

Contact: pbalaji[at]


2007 (June): ICICI Chair and Associate Professor, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore

2000-07: Assistant Professor, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore

Academic & professional profile

2011: The Making of Indian Engineers, Indo-French Workshop, New Delhi, 21-22 February 2011

2011: The Global Shift in R&D Alliances: Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and the quest for the ‘Base of the Pyramid’ (BOP) markets. Co-Principal Investigator on a 3 year project funded by National Science Foundation, USA (starting)

2011: The challenge of globalization: Technology driven foreign direct investment and its implications for the negotiation of International (bi- and multilateral) Investment Agreements. Investigator on a 3 year project funded by the Riksbanken Jublieumsfond, Sweden (work in progress)

2009: Impact of Networks, Globalisation, and their Interaction with EU Strategies. Investigator on 3 year project funded by European Unions Seventh Framework (FP7) Programme (nearing completion)

2009: ICTs as vehicle for Late-industrialization: Industrial Development Process in China and India the in 21st Century. Principal Investigator of 1 year project funded by Institute of Developing Economies, Japan (completed)

Recent publications

2011: The Role of Standards in Technology Driven Commodity Chains: The Information and Communications Technology Service Industry in Dalian, China, and Bangalore, India. pp 237-258 in Moriki Ohara, M Vijayabaskar and Hong Lin (eds.). Industrial Dynamics in China and India. Palgrave Macmillan. (2nd author: Bharath M Palavalli)

2010 : The Computer Software Industry as a Vehicle of Late Industrialisation: Lessons from the Indian case. Journal of Asia-Pacific Economy. 15(3): pp 247-270

2010: Organizational Impacts of Information Technology. Pp.289-298 in Hossein Bidgoli (ed.). The Handbook of Technology Management. John Wiley. (2nd author: Ricardo Gomes Lage)

2009: Information Technology. pp 469-474 in Rob Kitchin and Nigel Thrift (eds.).International Encyclopedia of Human Geography. Elsevier

2008: How the Development of ICTs affects ICTs for Development: Social contestation in the shaping of standards for the information age. Science, Technology and Society. 13(2): pp 279-301 (2nd author: Janaki Srinivasan)

Awards & distinctions

2010: Linnaeus-Palme Visiting Fellow, School of Arts and Communication, Malmo University, Sweden

2005: Guest Professor, School of Information, University de la Reunion, 26th November-1st December

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