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  1. Majed Akhter


    I am an Assistant Professor of Geography at Indiana University – Bloomington. My research interrogates the geopolitics of water infrastructure on the Indus Rivers in Pakistan. This includes social-historic analysis of the role of civil engineers, especially those associated with the Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan, in the nation and state building in Pakistan.

    This project, and the research areas you have delineated, are absolutely fascinating. My research project regarding the historical and political geographies of water infrastructure in Pakistan is headed in a similar direction. While I understand this project is looking specifically at India, I think most scholars would agree that the Pakistani case is both 1) historically and geographically connected to India and 2) an interesting comparative case. Is it possible for me to become affiliated or associated with this network?

    Majed Akhter
    Department of Geography
    Indiana University – Bloomington


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