Was your (great-) grandfather a Bombay PWD engineer during the colonial period? Share documents, images and stories

As part of an Indo-French project on the history and sociology of Indian Engineers, I am working on the Indian personnel of the Public Works Department of the Bombay Presidency from c. 1850 to c. 1950.

If your (great-) grandfather happened to be an engineer in this Department (please check the following table which lists the names, dates of birth, etc. of engineers employed in the PWD at that time), I will be happy to share with you the details I have collected in the archives about his career. And I would also be more than interested to learn about your family history.

Please feel free to contact me at the following address: vanessacaru@hotmail.com for more information and to circulate this call. Thank you!

Photography: Bust of C. M. Murzban, Murzban Colony, Tardeo, erected in 1936 ©AbodhAras 

Surname Name Date of birth Place of birth Place of training


Joined the Bombay PWD in
Mancharam Kahandas ? 1848
Tilak Gopal Raoji 1845 Poona College 1869
Ramchunder Muckoond ? 1853
Kanitkar Wasudeo Bapoonje ? 1849
Bhat Gangadhar 1846 Poona Poona College 1870
Kirane Gangadhar Ramkrishna ? Poona College 1872
Godbole Kasinath Ramchandra 1848 Poona College 1873
Desai Khandubhai Gulubbhai 1847 Poona College 1870
Kesuvlal Lulloobhai ? 1853
Murzban Muncherji Cowasji 1838 Poona College 1857
Sorabjee Bomanjee ? 1859
Datay Narayen Vinayak ? Poona College 1873
Oka Ramchandra Govind ? Poona College 1871
Chandananee Pritomdass Pursoomal 1853 Poona College 1874
Dhirajram Himutlal 1843 1863
Tarapurwala Furdunji Kuvarji 1850 Poona College 1876
Patak Pestanji Hormasji 1850 Poona College 1877
Apte Ganesh Krishna 1853 Poona College 1879
Gayatonde Gopal Wishambhar 1855 Poona College 1880
Chakrabati Butnath 1857 Poona College 1881
Ahmadi Ibrahim Shaik Daud 1860 Poona College 1883
Visvesvariya Mokhagundam 1861 Poona College 1884
Chitale Parashram Krishna 1862 Parshuram, near Chiplun, Ratnagiri D Poona College 1885
Gole Vishnu Vithal 1856 Poona College 1886
Shriniwasarao Karpur 1863 Poona College 1887
Subrao Chickaballapur 1861 Poona College 1888
Ramanna Hosaagrahar 1862 Poona College 1888
Sanghani Keshavlal Sakhedas 1866 Poona College 1889
Shrinivasachar Cadambi 1862 Bangalore District Poona College 1889
Rao Bangalore Krishna 1866 Bangalore Poona College 1890
Agashe Vinayak Trimbak 1866 Garavde, Patan Taluka, Satara D Poona College 1890
Bose Lalit Mohan 1868 RIE 1889
Belvadi Nanjundayya 1866 Poona College 1891
Bhandakar Vithal Sitaram 1866 Poona College 1892
Hansoti Chunilal Jivanhal 1869 Bulsar LCE 1893
Desai Kuverji Khandubhai 1871 Surat B. Sc. LCE 1894
Vartak Vishnu Narayen 1871 Poona Poona College 1895
Nazareth Anthony 1870 Poona Poona College 1895
Natesaiyer Poyamoni Nagaswami 1874 Trichinopoly Poona College 1896
Framji Kaikhosru Sorabji 1871 Bombay Poona College 1897
DeSouza Andrew Baldomero 1874 Panjim Poona College 1898
Bhathena Rustam Framji 1874 RIE 1897
Vachha Barjoji Edalji 1873 Bombay Poona College 1899
Moraes Anthony Xavier 1876 Goa Poona College 1900
Sataravalla Dadabhai Ratanji 1876 Satara Poona College 1901
Advani Jotsing Harising 1877 Hyderabad (Sind) Poona College 1902
Parulekar Vishnu Narayen 1868 Savantvadi 1890
Spencer Ardeshir Burjoji 1879 Bombay Poona College 1903
Unwala Framroze Rustomji 1882 Bombay Poona College 1904
Adalja Maneckchand Tarachand 1880 Morvi Poona College 1905
Mirza Moosa Ali 1882 Palace of Murshijabad, Bengal RIE 1905
Ayyangar Nuggihalli Narasim 1881 Nuggihali, Mysore Poona College 1906
Sawhney Dhan Raj 1882 Penjab RIE 1906
Tyabji Salman Badr-u-din 1883 Bombay RIE 1907
Bhagavat Shivram Kashinath 1863 Kasi, Taluka Sangameshvar, Ratnagiri D Poona College 1888
Kshatriya Dipchand Mulchand 1877 Poona College 1907
Rajadhyaksha Sakharam Vishwanath 1868 Poona LCE 1890
Aiyangar Sakrayyaputna Shrinivas 1869 Mysore 1896
Goghari Dulabhji Waghi 1875 Bhavnagar 1905
Braganza Paul 1879 1905
Shahani Javermal Tahilram 1879 Hyderabad (Sind) 1900
Advani Kessamal Chattawal 1883 1907
Bose Birendra Kumar 1882 Rajanagar, Dacca D, Bengal Poona College 1908
Bhattacharya Ambarnath 1884 Poona College 1909
Gokhale Gangadhar Nilkanth 1887 Miraj Poona College 1910
Parikh Himatlal Bapulal NA Cambay Poona College 1911
Mirchandani Tanumal Shawakram 1888 Sind Edinburgh 1911
Sule Ramchandra Govind 1888 Kalyan Poona College 1912
Shete Vyankatesh Gopal 1882 Poona Poona College 1913
Daftary Gavrishankar Dullabji 1889 Morvi 1913
Joshi Gajanan Sadashiv 1891 Garawde, Taluka Patan, Satara D BE 1914
Cursetjee Manekji Jahangir Manekji 1890 Bombay London 1915
Kshetramade (Rege) Shantaram Balkrishna 1890 Rajapur, Ratnagiri D 1915
Mustafa Saiyaid Ghulam NA Nakader D, Penjab 1917
Vyas Bhanushankar Sundarji 1894 Sehor, Kathiawad 1916
Kale Chintaman Govind 1890 Poona 1917
Bhandakar Gopal Prabhakar 1882 1918
Matharani Metharam Pribhdas 1895 Sikharpur 1918
Gurjar Narayan Pandurang 1895 Pangre, Taluka Rajapur, Ratnagiri D 1919
Murti N.V. Shrinivas ? Madras Univ, Bombay Univ 1920
Malik Javantsingh 1890 Rawalpindi 1921
Lalvani Lalchand Varumal ? Hyderabad (Sind) Fergusson College Poona Univ Edinburg Univ 1921
Champhekar Mahadev Lakshman 1899 Vebeshwar, Ratnagiri 1921
Shinde Pandurang Krishnarao ? 1921
Divatia Shrinivas Satyendra 1898 Ahmedabad 1922
Mathrani Harbhagwandas Pribhas 1901 Mirshah Kuban Shikarpur DJ College Edinburgh 1923
Gadre Narayan Balkrishna 1899 Wai, Satara D BE (Civil) 1923
Shah Natvarlal Balubhai 1900 Dholka, Ahmedabad D 1923
Karandikar Shankar Keshav 1901 Belgaum 1925
Mascarenhas William Xavier 1901 Poona 1925
Jagtap Balkrishna Pirajirav ? Kolhapur State 1921
Modak Bhaskar Lakshman 1884 Bhivpuri, Taluka Karjat MCE 1908
Rijhwani Jethanand Mandhandas 1903 Sikharpur 1927
Kamdar Bhagwandas Morarji 1903 Bombay 1927
Das Amrita Lal 1906 Churine Dacca Bengal 1928
Mahida Udaysinh Narsinhbava 1904 Kumbharia, Surat 1927
Bhatia Kishinchand Mulchand 1907 Sikharpur 1930
Pandit Govind Narayan 1906 Gherdi, Sholapur Bombay London 1930
Keswani Gopaldas Hassanand 1883 Sukkur 1908
Murthy Nori Gopalakrishna 1910 Bapatla, Guntur Madras 1931
Dhir Ram Das 1906 Punjab 1931
Framji Kavsi Kaikhoru 1908 Bombay and Poona Bombay London 1931
Anand Dharm Bir 1909 Jullunder 1932
Singh Ripdaman 1908 Amritsar Roorkee 1932

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  1. gautama

    no idea what you seek, but here goes – tanumal shewakram mirchandani was my grand-dad – born 1888 in sindh – attended univ of edinburgh – joined ICS (or IAS) & worked briefly in the UK, the I = Imperial, not Indian – then posted to bombay (not sure if 1911 in London or in india ) – after couple of projects in bombay area, had 2 stints with the Sukkur Barrage project in Sindh (among the most complex in its time & still a wonder, i’ve read) – by the 2nd stint, he had ascended to Superintending Engineer – later, on the recommendation of the outgoing Chief AND after consulting his peers & immediate juniors, the Governor/Commissioner of Sindh appointed him Chief Engineer of Sindh – sadly someone way junior was offended by an indian being the leader, so wrote/complained to india office in london thru a family connection – an upset Governor/Commissioner of Sindh told grand-dad of orders to give someone else the title – grandpa was not upset at Governor/Commissioner, picked up hat & umbrella & briefcase and walked out – his kids were surprised to see him home so early ! he next immersed himself in philosophy – much later, at Partition, he moved to poona/pune with his spiritual & philosopher-guide, Sadhu Vaswani – as a volunteer, he actively helped Sadhu Vaswani in the setup of the facilities for the St Mira School for Girls in poona/pune, later expanded to include degree colleges as well – he died in the late 1960s, over a year after Sadhu Vaswani departed


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